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HeavenScent Farms

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Heavenly Fragrances for Your Home and Garden

We grow and sell Scented Geraniums, mints, and herbs. We have at present 12 varieties of scented geraniums (pelargorium) and are always adding more! We currently also have 2 different kinds of mint – Spearmint and Chocolate Menthol.

Come see us, or give us a call – 503-981-8297 – let us know if you want us to grow something special for you, or if there is a need for an herb that we don’t have yet!

We also plan to compile a cookbook for herbs, and especially for scented geraniums, and offer it for sale. See the links below for books and supplies related to gardening, composting, etc.

We now have a cookbook for sale, put together by the ladies of our church. It is called Willamette Valley Family Favorites, and it is for sale for $12 per copy plus $4 for shipping and handling. It has over 550 recipes in it, mostly of Pennsylvania Dutch-type cuisine, although there is a mix of just about any type of cuisine that you can imagine!

+ $4 shipping

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