Electric Vehicle Photos

Click on the camera image to view the graphic.

[camera] Look, Ma, no box!!

[camera] Driver’s side view – stripped rear framework.

[camera] The rotary device is installed!

[camera] Battery rack and controller bracket

[camera] Driver’s side, top view facing toward front of vehicle. Motor and two batteries, with the rack for the remaining six batteries mounted on top of motor.

[camera] Driver’s side front corner, facing firewall. Good view of the motor and battery rack.

[camera] Front view – controller and two batteries

[camera] Driver’s side view

[camera] Another view

[camera] The Masked Ghost!

[camera] Almost done!

[camera] Final details

[camera] Am I in front of you?!

[camera] On the left, Bill Dube’ with his 192 VDC `Electwic Wabbit’ Cabriolet conversion; behind him is Lou Tauber with his 192 VDC Renault LeCar conversion. Lou took home the trophy for the best burnout.