Electric Vehicles

We converted a 1978 Datsun Kingcab pickup to an electric vehicle. Originally, we had planned to put a prototype of a new controller being developed by SAJE into this conversion. For right now, we are using an Auburn “Kodiak” water-cooled controller. We also installed an electric heater core in the original ductwork, as well as other minor improvements. This truck has now been upgraded again with a Manzanita Micro PFC-20 and 20 6V Trojan T-105’s (flooded lead-acid golf cart batteries), and has been sold to someone from LaGrande, OR who has a lawn care business. This configuration gives it about 30 miles range on a warm summer day, but is a bit heavy, weighing in at about 3900 lbs gross weight! Jeni is very happy with it, as it suits her needs well.

We are now finishing up a 1986 Metro Sprint upgrade. This car was originally converted by the Howe brothers of Brooks, and until Oct., 2006 held the 72-volt street conversion record speed for NEDRA, the National Electric Drag Racing Association. We have upgraded it to 120 volts, redesigned the layout, added an electric heater core, Rudman Regulators, and an 8″ ADC motor to replace the original 6.7″ which was too small and burned up! We also added an E-Meter and a tach, as well as a 12V gauge for the accessory system, which now runs off an Optima Redtop and a Hughes DC/DC converter.

We had a 48-volt go-kart at the 1999 Woodburn EV Show; some of you no doubt have seen it! It features a bright yellow Indy car body (with decals), Optima Yellowtops, Curtis 1209 controller, chain drive (3.3:1 ratio), and an ADC 5″ motor. The German film crew that was at Woodburn starts their video with a sequence of this kart taking off down the dragstrip!

The most recent conversion was a 1965 Mustang convertible – this was the first AC conversion that we’ve done, and by far the most complicated. It had an AC motor and controller package made by Azure Dynamics, 312V lithium-ion battery pack, a battery management system by EVPower of Australia, and a Manzanita Micro PFC-20 charger. See my blog posting for more details.

Our aim is to do conversions for people in the wintertime, when our regular work is slow. Not too many people wanting to irrigate their fields or lawns in the winter around here!